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The Stuey Trench Tradition

Each year the Griffins compete for the coveted Stuart Trench Memorial Cup (STMC), in honour of the late great "Trenchie". Stu was a driving force in the forming of the Griffins Club in 1991 and was an active contributor to Newcastle in many facets. He is fondly remembered and loved by many in the Newcastle and Rugby community. He was passionate about what he believed in; that included our Rugby Club and was an the avid Wallabies supporter.

 To commemorate our history with the Port Hunter Rugby Club, we play this game at Lynn Oval in Stockton each year on the closest weekend to the date of Stu’s passing. The game is watched by hundreds including "Old Boys" and the Stockton community.

In the 2016 STMC the Newcastle Griffins won their first competition game of the season, defeating Cessnock 19-7. This was such a special moment, as many players had previously participated in several one sided defeats. With the sun setting in the background, the Griffins proudly reverberated the team song that hadn't been sung for victory in some time; this in front of the entire crowd of Griffins Veterans and fans. A fine moment indeed!

In 2017 the Newcastle Griffins went back to back with Stuey Trench Cup wins by defeating Cooks Hill 2s and cemented the importance of the day for an entire new generation of Griffins. The club as a whole really lift for the occasion and its one not to miss.

Meet you at Stuey Trench Memorial Cup at Lynn Oval Stockton, in late May or early June. We will share a tale and an ale as we cheer the Griffins across the line!