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President Trench also refuses to release tax returns

By Garth Belic | 22 March 2018

Despite being elected last November, President Trench also refuses to release his tax returns, it has been confirmed. The Griffins Gazette, like many of our readership believes this evidences a cover up.

Steven Stevenson from the Australian Financial Review said "Rugby Club presidents have always released their tax returns. I suspect that Trench has something to hide, perhaps he doesn't want us to know he has made bad investment deals. He loves telling everyone he is a property mogul."

The Gazette caught up with Trench's tax agent and fellow prop Garth Belic.

"Look it's nothing that sinister. The dude hasn't lodged a tax return since the Howard administration. He can never find his receipts", said a frustrated Belic.

Todd's ex wife has called him out hysterically on this scandal in the media, claiming he is covering up expenditure from illegal cock fighting rings and death cults he is involved with across the Hunter region. These claims have remained unsubstantiated.

Trench accepted a request from the Gazette for an interview, but later sent a text message 3 hours past the scheduled interview time. "I'm running late fulla. Can't find my phone, wallet or car. Sorry matey." Trench never presented himself for interview and reports say he is hiding out somewhere in central west NSW.

More to come.