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NHRU News fail bid to televise round 1 to Griffins Gazette

By Garth Belic | 7 April 2017

The NHRU have decided to change plans last minute and provide full coverage of a Wanderers Under 9s game.

NHRU have been flooding Facebook with non Griffins promotions over the past week after failing in a bid to secure what many will believe is "game of the round" in Griffins v Pokolbin Reds at Hawkins Oval, Hamilton.

The Griffins are set for a huge crowd. Canteen manager Keryn Green, says it is a good thing the extra shelf was donated in the offseason.

"Despite being a sheet of asbestos from a local building site, the donation will ensure that we will have storage for an abundance of non-craft beers which will be available."

Vice President of the NHRU, Mr Hank Scorpio, said the Wanderers Under 9's clash against some other team is the true "game of the round". Young Malaki Utu Utu is making his return from injury and will be hard to stop, given he is the only post-pubescent player on the roster.

When asked about the failed Griffins bid, Scorpio replied "I Wished they folded instead of merging with Port Hunter to be frank." before twiddling his moustache.

"Nobody cares about the pimple on the arse of Newcastle Rugby anyway".

More to come.