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Bar TV televise match of the round between Griffins and Brown Snakes.

9 July 2019

Hundreds made the pilgrimage to Hawkins Oval last Saturday to see Griffins take on Cooks Hill Brown Snakes in the NHRU match of the round.

After the curtain raiser (Hamilton Hawks v Nelson Bay Gropers) failed to live up to the match of the round spectacle, the game the people came to see got underway at the 'proper' kick off time of 3:00pm.

Both clubs, who both have attempted their own label craft beer as a side business, competed in an engaging battle which would eventually see the Brown Snakes defeat Griffins in a 43-5 nail biter.

In true Snakes form, they were humble in victory with their old rivals and ended the day with singing about sodomy and innuendo in the dress sheds to round out a great family day of grass roots rugby.

“This is my magnum opus” said one BarTV cameraman as he put his extension lead away at half time.

More to come...