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Fake News: Newcastle Griffins halt WWIII

8 January 2020

Griffins Gazette 08/01/2020

Newcastle Griffins have put a halt to what could have been World War III today whilst on a pre-season training camp in Iran.

The Griffins Gazette contacted coach Jack Ogilvy via Skype today for the details.

"Griffins are a different outfit this season" said Ogilvy. "The opposition have been spying and the paparazzo wont leave us alone so we came to Iran as the training conditions and climate are similar to ours in Newcastle." 

Ogilvy explained that when missiles starting flying over head during a post training warm down swim, he could not resist but to pick the phone up and call U.S. president Donald Trump directly.

"Yeah we knew there were political tensions before we left Newcastle but this is ridiculous. So I called the bloke myself" said Ogilvy. "Missiles were flying over our heads and I asked him to hold off shooting back at least for the next week and a half until our camp is over"

Mid East Meme

"Old mate Trump said he'd hold off 'cos he had a soft spot for The Griffins and wanted us to do well in season 2020." 

The Gazette will continue to send updates to President Trump throughout the season as is the request of the U.S. president.

Should you wish to join The Griffins in season 2020, text "Play Rugby" to 0447491221. Griffins are an all inclusive club.