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Griffins to host Super Hubert at first ever Comedy Night

By Garth Belic | 25 May 2017

"I booked him because getting sprayed in the face with a fake flower, or anything really, is just plain funny" said local businessman and Griffins forward Nick Piddington.

The Griffins have secured the comical stylings of one Super Hubert who will be coming out of his assisted living premises to host the Griffins first ever Comedy Night at the Hamilton Station Hotel.

Hubert is known to all Novacastrians for his unique brand of high energy comedy and barbecue selling abilities. Hubert's main claim to fame was as the half time entertainment of Knights games in the nineties and naughties, where he would amuse the crowd by chasing a giant loaf of tip top bread with sparklers. "I was really trying to increase my carbohydrate intake", explained Hubert to Gazette reporters.

Super Hubert will provide a more calmer adult twist on his typical children's comedy routine, and has been preparing for this by taking Poddy's latest Adderall prescriptions.

"Oi nah oi I can't even remember what you just asked me ay", said a confused and ADHD stricken Poddy. "Just glad I didn't accidentally give him the wrong ones but ay."

If you'd like to come to the Griffins Comedy Night on 3rd June at the Hamilton Station Hotel, you can register your interest here. All members of the Newcastle and Hunter Rugby community are welcome to come along.

More to come.