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Griffins Silly Saturday stunt defiles Hawks Grand Final Preparation

By Master Griffin | 24 September 2019

Multiple time grand finalists Hamilton Hawks have had their grand final preparations defiled in the form of Griffins Silly Saturday participants joining them for warm ups.

 The two intoxicated assailants, one dressed as a T. Rex and the other as a Ginger Bread man, deemed it appropriate to join their oval sharing premier club for some dynamic stretching.

 “It was inappropriate” said one hawks official. “How can we concentrate on our task at hand when there's some idiot dressed as a T. Rex doing lunges”.

 Hawks carried on with the training despite the distraction until police arrived and they could provide a statement. The police asked what they looked like .

 “He looked like the muffin man” said a Hawks Fijian import”

 “The muffin man?” Questioned the police officer.

 “Yes, the muffin man” confirmed the import.


More to come.