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Newcastle rugby identity in hot water during Rugby World Cup drinking incident

By Master Griffin | 22 September 2019

Our esteemed President Todd Trench almost created a major international diplomatic incident overnight whilst on tour in Japan for the Rugby World Cup.
According to a statement released by DFAT's Sapporo office, Mr Trench was warming up the drinking muscles prior to the Wallabies opening match against Fiji when he turned to the official welcoming party and insulted the Mayor of the local Hokkaido Prefecture's daughter with a rendition of the Ringy Rang Do.
Trench was on the trip as a guest of the NHRU as part of his new role on the board. He claims the trip is all part of a "research project" being undertaken on behalf of the board, however Wanderers president (and NHRU board treasurer) Richard Rich said he hadn't heard of any such board-sanctioned junket and was washing his hands of any wrong-doing, emphatically denying that Mr Trench was representing the NHRU in any way, shape or form.
Understandably, Trench (pictured leading another debaucherous song) denied the allegations, and assured the local embassy staff that "the lass wasn't that bloody upset, she was joining in with the rest of us and pissing it up with the boys after a few more verses".
Luckily the Japanese culture precluded the Mayor from causing a fuss during the world famous rugby tournament as he was told it would bring shame to his city of Sapporo.
Trench offered to buy him a beer or ten to smooth things over but luckily Australian embassy staff stepped in to cut him off, whisking him away from the venue.

More to come....