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GoFundMe outrage spreads to the Griffins Nest in bizarre new development

27 June 2019

Gumb has been left shocked and dismayed today as one half of Newcastle’s cutest couple got the disappointing news that his controversial GoFundMe Campaign was rejected for a breach of the RA code of conduct.

The Griffins hard man wanted to raise funds to send a thousand roses and a sugary heart lollies necklace to his new flame.

Rugby Australia chief executive Raelene Castle told The Griffins Gazette last night she was surprised Gumb, one of the most well endowed men in Australian sport, would ask the general public for financial support.

“A but ruch given what he’s pecking” said a disgusted Castle.

This is the second public social media scandal in recent times for the Griffins since Zuckerberg had updated his algorithms to more quickly detect close up nipple photos of Griffins Hooker Mitch Brown.

More to come...