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Fake News: Griffins recruit 12,400 new players for this season

By Master Griffin | 3 March 2019

Riding on the success of the 2018/2019 off season recruitment drive, The Newcastle Griffins now have the opposite problem to what they finished with at the end of the 2018 season.

Ending last year in last place on the ladder, The Griffins knew they needed to get some new blood in their ranks to remain competitive and improve in 2019. So they set about finding players and enlisted the help of marketing legend, Annika Jamieson to get the word out. 5 months later at last Saturday's sign up day, 12,407 people arrived with their rego money and signature to become a player in 2019.

Funnily enough, not many of the thousands who came to the rego day wanted to participate in the Newcastle's Next Top Griffin competition which means the opportunities for a new recruit to win $1100 is still a very real opportunity. #NNTG. Anyone aged 18-30 who wants to win Newcastle's biggest cash giveaway for any rugby club ever needs to get involved and potentially take the dosh.

To enter, text NNTG to 0447491221 or message us through this website in our contacts section and details on how to enter will be promptly provided.