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Controversy surrounds NHRU giving Trench a table up the back near the toilets at Women’s Rugby Luncheon

By William Stibbard | 12 July 2019

The Gazette was on location at the Newcastle Women in Rugby event today to find newly appointed NHRU Board official Todd Trench at a table that couldn’t possibly be located any further from anyone important.

Trench used his main meal cutlery during entrees, failed to put his napkin on in time, and is now getting Facebook recommendations from a number of dry cleaners.  Many have simply offered him personal sponsorship due to the marketing exposure.

It’s only fitting that he invited former club legends Shane Maloney and Garth Belic to take the shine off judgement handed down from the premier club level Bourgeoisie.

“If we could fit a table in the cleaners closet we would” said one anonymous NHRU official.

“Even a hint of that louse singing ringy-rang-doo could put advancements in women’s rugby back decades”.

More to come