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Breaking: Bookless named as lead actor in new short film 'Tristo'

By Garth Belic | 25 March 2017

"It was the role I was born to play", said Nick Bookless upon finding out the news.

The Gazette caught up with Griffins captain and resident playboy Nick Bookless as it happened.

"I've been living this role for several years and it is great to show the world my artform."

Nick Bookless, seen above on the right wearing a striped shirt and jeggings, said the role will track Tristan Starks 2014 year and culminate with him winning the Stuey Trench medal.

Bookless had gone to great lengths to tap into 2014 Tristo's persona, even going to the extent of befriending a short angry person. "I've changed my wardrobe and hair style to suit, laughed at all of his jokes and even injured him last year so I could have a go at being captain" said Bookless about Stark.

Ben Cole, who will play Tristo's roommate in the film had this to say "Oi nah, Oi, Oi Books, Oi Books, Oi Books, Oi Books, Oi Books, Oi Books, Oi Books....." repeatedly like a scratched DVD until we cancelled the interview.

Coby Delaney and Shaun Cotton were both gracious in not being successful in auditions.

"Tristo" is set to be released at the Sundance Film Festival this coming June.

More to follow.