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Fake News

Griffins Sketchy Rep at Boozy Rugby Lunches Remains Intact

Former president Todd Trench mistakes Jeremy Paul for the hooker from Port Hunter in 1987

Fake News: Newcastle Griffins halt WWIII

Griffins Silly Saturday stunt defiles Hawks Grand Final Preparation

Newcastle rugby identity in hot water during Rugby World Cup drinking incident

Griffins President sets Australian/Japnese trade relations back decades on NHRU Sponsored "Fact Finding Mission" at RWC.

Controversy surrounds NHRU giving Trench a table up the back near the toilets at Women’s Rugby Luncheon

"Can't we just tell him we double booked his seat or something?"

Bar TV televise match of the round between Griffins and Brown Snakes.

Latest NHRU appointment further evidence they've just given up

Griffins President pictured sounding the ceremonial gourd.

GoFundMe outrage spreads to the Griffins Nest in bizarre new development

Go Fund Me Campaign to send 1000 roses to new missus considered a violation of RA code of conduct.

Fake News: Griffins recruit 12,400 new players for this season