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Fake News

Filthy Slander overshadows Griffins first Hit-out

Lovable winger painted as petty crim by local trash mag.
Is the NHRU's Premier comp losing it's lustre? We get to the bottom of the real issues in Newcastle rugby.

Griffins deny ball tampering allegations

Following the weekend of the first trial matches for season 2018, allegations have been thrown at the Newcastle Griffins RUFC for ball tampering.

President Trench also refuses to release tax returns

Despite being elected last November, President Trench also refuses to release his tax returns, it has been confirmed

Breaking News: Vice President Mifsud forced to resign due to sex scandal

The Griffins Gazette have been informed from a credible source that vice president Nigel Mifsud has been forced to step down after allegedly inpregnating long time supporter and 82 year old Mabel Harris from Third Street Mayfield

Griffins Major Signing Falls Through

After months of negotiations between star recruit Karmichael Hunt and Griffins management, a deal had been signed by both parties which would have seen Hunt take the field for the Griffins in 2018.

Already fit guy enthusiastic about pre-season cardio

It has been confirmed that Jake Stuart, left wing, is enthusiastic about preseason cardio despite already having good cardio.

Griffins to host Super Hubert at first ever Comedy Night

"I booked him because getting sprayed in the face with a fake flower, or anything really, is just plain funny" said local businessman and Griffins forward Nick Piddington.

Referees agree interpretation on head high tackle being anything above navel

A recent meeting of Newcastle and Hunter Rugby referees have resolved any tackle above the navel constitutes an illegal head high tackle, relieving weeks of confusion for referees and players.

2 Griffins players turn down offer to play for the Newcastle Knights in 2018

"Nah I'm not playing for wooden spooners bro, I'm a Griffin"