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Fake News

Controversy surrounds NHRU giving Trench a table up the back near the toilets at Women’s Rugby Luncheon

"Can't we just tell him we double booked his seat or something?"

Bar TV televise match of the round between Griffins and Brown Snakes.

Latest NHRU appointment further evidence they've just given up

Griffins President pictured sounding the ceremonial gourd.

GoFundMe outrage spreads to the Griffins Nest in bizarre new development

Go Fund Me Campaign to send 1000 roses to new missus considered a violation of RA code of conduct.

Fake News: Griffins recruit 12,400 new players for this season

Croatia calls on Griffins for redemption plan

Two days after their loss to France in the World Cup final, Croatia are already making their plans for redemption as they seek one more victory in the next soccer World Cup.

Filthy Slander overshadows Griffins first Hit-out

Lovable winger painted as petty crim by local trash mag.
Is the NHRU's Premier comp losing it's lustre? We get to the bottom of the real issues in Newcastle rugby.

Griffins deny ball tampering allegations

Following the weekend of the first trial matches for season 2018, allegations have been thrown at the Newcastle Griffins RUFC for ball tampering.

President Trench also refuses to release tax returns

Despite being elected last November, President Trench also refuses to release his tax returns, it has been confirmed