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Player Profiles

By Nigel Mifsud | 7 November 2018

Player Profile –           Mark Lee

Nickname:                 Marty

Favourite Drink:         Southern Comfort

Favourite Tucker:        Lasagna

Celeb Crush:              Rhonda Rousey

 Image result for ronda rousey


What do you like about our team:  The club culture and team mates

What is your most memorable sporting achievement: Tough question... Playing rugby for Hunter and winning a grand final both playing hooker

Fav NRL team: Gold Coast Titans

What made you come to the Griffins: Seemed like a good bunch of blokes when I played against the Griffins

What team mate would you spend 24hrs in a jail cell with: Jake. I love his soft hands and manly tattoos.

What is something no Griffin knows about you: I am a competitive player in e-sports in Sim Racing on a simulator called iRacing

Years played: On and off for about 20 years

Years left to play (assuming no injuries): Hopefully another 20+ years