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AGM and Special Resolution

By Master Griffin | 27 November 2018

Annual General Meeting

The Newcastle Griffins invite you to their 2018 Annual General Meeting at 6:00PM on 9 January 2019 at the Hamilton Station Hotel. All are welcome to attend.

We will be taking nominations for committee positions and any life members of the club

Special Resolution

The Annual General Meeting will include a Special Resolution to replace the existing constitution with a new constitution effective 1 January 2019. 

The proposed new constitution provides clarity around:

  • Categories of membership;
  • Newly established committee roles; and
  • A new financial year end date of 30 September (currently 31 December) better aligned with our playing season

The proposed new constitution also modernises other clauses in line with the model constitution provided by NSW Department of Fair Trading and the Incorporated Associations Act NSW (2009). 

You can find both existing and proposed new copies of the constitution available for download here:

Existing 1991 Constitution

Proposed 2019 Constitution

The committee will be taking comments from members on the proposed new constitution up to 21 December 2018 which can be emailed to


Nominations for committee positions and life members can also be submitted to

After the AGM, the newly convened committee will have their first committee meeting of 2019.