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Check out all the latest news from the Griffins here!

Rego's are now OPEN- Refer a friend for $50 off!

Registrations are now open through the Rugby Xplorer App

Todd Trench resigns as president after 20+ years of service

Anyone who has had anything to do with Todd Trench in his capacity as president of The Griffins rugby club is encouraged to attend drinks 16/11/19 at The Hamilton Station Hotel at 5pm.

AGM Friday 8/11 , 7p.m. HSH

Griffins friends and family, The 2019/2020 Annual General Meeting is to be held on 8/11 at 7p.m. at The Hamilton Station Hotel.

#NNTG Newcastles Next Top Griffin

2019 Registrations are now open

AGM and Special Resolution

The Newcastle Griffins will have their 2018 AGM on 9 January 2019 at 6:00PM at the Hamilton Station Hotel

The New Griffin

Check out the new logo folks!! It looks amazing and hopefully inspires players to lift and supporters to come out and support our men in 2019.

Player Profiles

Ladies and Gents, Griffins finest presents the next (and maybe final) player profile for season 2018. All rise for Mark Lee

Player Profiles

Play profiles are coming to an end for 2018 but the stars keep getting bigger!
Here is Paul Mascord!!