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Newcastle Griffins RUFC:

Colours: Green, Red and Black

Home: Hawkins Oval, Hamilton

Play for the Griffins in 2019

Come along and play for one of the Newcastle Region's favourite rugby clubs. No previous rugby experience necessary. Get behind the club as we achieve our goal of going from the perpetual wooden spoon to winning our first ever grandfinal within the next three seasons and #makehistory

Griffins Culture

The Griffins are a fun club. Part of that fun is the banter involved around the club. We are however strict on bullying. Understanding the difference between harmless banter and bullying is an area of judgement. It is not always known if someone is suffering from depression or any other personal issues. If acts of bullying is too severe and it is obvious that the person receiving this is feeling victimised or uncomfortable in any way, it is not tolerated by the club. The committee each year appoints someone to the role of Club Captain. The Club Captain is chosen as an approachable person selected to be an open ear for players and club people. We take the inclusion of every player, fan and club person seriously.