Jones-Hall caught stealing from charity to fund drug addiction - ruled out of side for six weeks

Dads Skydiving 2‘I’m so ashamed of what I’ve done’: Jones-Hall on sex, drugs, gambling and charity scam

For several weeks, disgraced hooker Micheal "2Dads" Jones-Hall has been fickle in attending games, social events and training. Reasons sited have been mixed and varied, including; washing his brown potatoes, learning to me a mime, attending an origami festival, pairing his socks and many many more reasons.

Here at the Griffins Gazette, our investigative journalists discovered that Jones-Hall's lust for a life of excess is not just limited to the number of last names he collects and uses.

His explosive confession includes first trying sniffing Sharpie pens during Mad Monday celebrations to later blowing $300 worth in just an hour.

Despite being on $325,000 2 schooners a season with the Tigers Griffins, Simona Jones-Hall is now broke with just a few thousand dollars to his name. His pay fed through poker machines in clubs and pubs across Beaumont Street.

The club looked to take disciplinary action only to find out that he had been grounded for the first six rounds by fiancé Caitlyn Ballico-Jones-Hall.

"He can stay home and finish his chores" said an emotional Ballico-Jones-Hall.

Jones-Hall will be co-residing in the Hawkins Referee Change Room with dealer/Griffins fan Boxcart Joe until media attention subsides.

Griffins Gazette will be following this story closely.