Griffins enter team into inaugural Houso Cup in Morrisset - Gazette outbids NHRU News for coverage

FullSizeRender 2The Newcastle Griffins have entered a team into the inaugural Houso Cup to be played this weekend in Morrisset. The Griffins Gazette will be on location to capture all the action, rather than the NHRU. The NHRU will insead be covering the Wanderer's Old Boys barefoot bowls competition with camera crew and journalists on hand to catch every roll.

The competition will be held appropriately in Morrisset, NSW and host Southern Lakes and Cessnock in the three team competition.

Coach Beath will be preparing training drills all week to attempt to overcome the six headed front row that the Griffins will face when packing in against Cessnock.

"I really have no idea how to approach this. I like the movie Total Recall, but I never knew i'd also need to be strategising against a 3 breasted mutant hooker", said Beath in an exclusive interview with the Gazette.

Morrisset is expected draw enough attendance to be sold out at their home ground, with each Morrisset family typically having 14 children according to recent Census data. "Little Jeb hasn't ever seen his daddy or uncle play so that will be dandy" said Cletus Clamontine, one of the less aggressive Clamontine Brothers. Clancy Clamontine will be sitting the next two games out after to shanking Griffins star scrum half Josh Gold in the car park after round 16 last year.

"I just want to cut him. I just want to cut him." said Clancy repeatedly in a post match Gazette interview last year.

Griffins fans are encouraged to come and cheer the boys on in numbers, but are warned to immediately replace all metal hubcaps on their car with plastic ones, which have a lower resale value in upper hunter pawn brokers.