Davis second best after queue jumping at Eastern Tiger Restaurant

IMG 2966Nathan Davis is marked out for 8 weeks and requires surgery after inadvertently cutting in on the elderly at the salad buffet, it has been confirmed.

Three time Stuart Trench Medal winner Davis requires surgery to install a titanium plate under his right eye socket and repair his deviated septum at the request of his wife.

"You just don't [email protected]&^@k around with Nanna at the dessert bar", Said Myrtle Cole, 87 of Cardiff North. 

Myrtle explained to reporters that she'd been visiting the Eastern Tiger from her residence at the Anglican Care Assisted Living Units when the incident happened. "I don't like those Israeli looking types anyway", explained Myrtle in describing Davis, before moving off into a racist tangent about ISIL.

Dr Hibbit, Davis' surgeon, says incidents like this at the Eastern Tiger are all too common. "It's the new coward punch", explained Hibbit.

Police are treating the incident as serious. We will provide updates as this story unfolds.