2 Griffins players turn down offer to play for the Newcastle Knights in 2018

IMG 0010"Nah I'm not playing for wooden spooners bro, I'm a Griffin".

Griffins stalwart Mark McCorriston and veteran centre Linden Green have both turned down a $600,000 offer to play rugby league for the Newcastle Knights in season 2018. NRL officials claimed their appointment would be one of their most important signings, after several failed attempts to lure rugby league players.

The offers reportedly included sponsorship deals and fringe benefits from third parties to keep them under the salary cap.

A reputable source said President Trench was tough in his counter offer. Green was given a stubby holder which he originally lent to Trench in 2009.

McCorriston was offered and quickly accepted a Muswellbrook Heelers jersey from 1998 that Trench had found in his garage at home. He was also offered a post retirement volunteer internship in sports journalism with the Gazette.

"It's just my size", said McCorriston. "Gonna let the family this arvo know Christmas is back on baby".

Green admitted he was holding out for a straight brimmed Griffins truckers hat that Trench keeps in the console of his corporate car, but at this stage of his career he is comfortable with the stubby holder being returned.

"I'd rather cut myself than play league anyway. Happy to be broke and have warm fingers necking a stubby mate."

More to come.