Fake News


Griffins to host Super Hubert at first ever Comedy Night

Super Hubert"I booked him because getting sprayed in the face with a fake flower, or anything really, is just plain funny" said local businessman and Griffins forward Nick Piddington.


Referees agree interpretation on head high tackle being anything above navel

IMG 3436 A recent meeting of Newcastle and Hunter Rugby referees have resolved that any tackle above the navel constitutes an illegal head high tackle, relieving weeks of confusion for referees and players.


2 Griffins players turn down offer to play for the Newcastle Knights in 2018

IMG 0010"Nah I'm not playing for wooden spooners bro, I'm a Griffin".


Ben Cole to serve 3 game suspension for not having immunisations up to date

Poddy"Oi i'm not even immunised ay", said Cole after wiping away some weeping from a facial lesion.


Stark to serve 3 game suspension after girlfriend discovers internet search history

IMG 3168"Kill it, kill it with fire", screamed a terrified Louise, Tristan Stark's girlfriend.


Griffins also get a guest speaker named Alan Jones to speak at luncheon

To not be outdone by NHRU News, the Griffins Gazette found a bloke named Alan Jones who drinks at the Hamilton Station Hotel to speak at their inaugural inpromptu luncheon.


NHRU News fail bid to televise round 1 to Griffins Gazette

The NHRU have decided to change plans last minute and provide full coverage of a Wanderers Under 9s game.


Breaking: Nick Bookless named as lead actor in new short film 'Tristo'

IMG 3036"It was the role I was born to play", said Nick Bookless upon finding out the news.


Davis second best after queue jumping at Eastern Tiger Restaurant

IMG 2966Nathan Davis is marked out for 8 weeks and requires surgery after inadvertently cutting in on the elderly at the salad buffet, it has been confirmed.


Griffins Logo Competition Closes - entries judged by you (MA15+)

With the players taking their minds of game one, we have drawn the results of the logo competition early. Please vote for your favourite.