Fake News


Ben Cole to serve 3 game suspension for not having immunisations up to date

Poddy"Oi i'm not even immunised ay", said Cole after wiping away some weeping from a facial lesion.


Stark to serve 3 game suspension after girlfriend discovers internet search history

IMG 3168"Kill it, kill it with fire", screamed a terrified Louise, Tristan Stark's girlfriend.


Griffins also get a guest speaker named Alan Jones to speak at luncheon

To not be outdone by NHRU News, the Griffins Gazette found a bloke named Alan Jones who drinks at the Hamilton Station Hotel to speak at their inaugural inpromptu luncheon.


NHRU News fail bid to televise round 1 to Griffins Gazette

The NHRU have decided to change plans last minute and provide full coverage of a Wanderers Under 9s game.


Breaking: Nick Bookless named as lead actor in new short film 'Tristo'

IMG 3036"It was the role I was born to play", said Nick Bookless upon finding out the news.


Davis second best after queue jumping at Eastern Tiger Restaurant

IMG 2966Nathan Davis is marked out for 8 weeks and requires surgery after inadvertently cutting in on the elderly at the salad buffet, it has been confirmed.


Griffins Logo Competition Closes - entries judged by you (MA15+)

With the players taking their minds of game one, we have drawn the results of the logo competition early. Please vote for your favourite.


President Trench also refuses to release tax returns

Todd Trench PresidentDespite being elected last November, President Trench also refuses to release his tax returns, it has been confirmed. The Griffins Gazette, like many of our readership believes this evidences a cover up.


Jones-Hall caught stealing from charity to fund drug addiction - ruled out of side for six weeks

Dads Skydiving 2‘I’m so ashamed of what I’ve done’: Jones-Hall on sex, drugs, gambling and charity scam


Griffins Logo Colour In Competition submissions mainly drawings of penises thus far

Aden WotherspoonThe Griffins Gazette Back Line Logo Competition is open for submission. Again this year, judging sadly has to be stratified in two categories, namely "penis-based" and "non-penis based". The winner of "non-penis based" earns their spot as logo for one month on the Griffins website.