Committee Members

Todd Trench - President, Prop Forward
With over four hundred games under his belt, in a career spanning more than twenty five seasons for the Griffins, Todd is a well-known and popular figure in the Newcastle rugby community. His off-field work for the club is tireless and he continues the Trench tradition through the Club's history. If you haven't enjoyed a chat over a beer with Todd you probably haven't met him yet.

Sid Hyde - Vice President, Breakaway
Sid's the guy who just says yep, I'll do it! Another of the former Vet's crew, Sid has been around the game for many years now and knows what works around a rugby club - hard work. He'll be working closely with Adam Burgess this year to make sure our social and fundraising efforts continue to make the social life of all Griffins a happy and successful one! 

Bernice Marshall - Treasurer and Public Officer
This is Bernice's third year as Treasurer and Canteen. Bernice brings a wealth of experience to the treasurer's role for the club as well as actively participating in many of the club's fundraiser activities and the club canteen. Bernice is a hard working volunteer and generously fulfils an important and time consuming role on the Committee.

Chris Bushell - Secretary, Retired Hooker
Now he has retired from playing, "Bushy" is keeping up his enthusiasm off the paddock with a hand in almost every other aspect of the Griffins lifestyle. He has around twenty years experience in playing for and administering rugby clubs, stretching from his time in country rugby in Tamworth and Armidale to his twelve years here at the Griffins. Just don't ask him to make another comeback.

Nick Bookless - Club Captain, Second Rower
"Books" is our hard hitting, hard working and ruck stealing captain on and off the field and acts as a go between for players, coaching and committee. Books has a tireless attitude to training and loves the club.

Tristan Stark - Assistant Coach, Second Rower
Tristan is a hard-running forward on the pitch and is a vital part of the Club's engine room off it. Tristan brings excellent experience to the committee from his career originally with the Veteran's Rugby Club as well as his years here at the Griffs. Well known for his ability to just make things happen for the club.

Adam Burgess - Committee Member, Used to play (apparently)
Burgo may have had a prospective Wallaby career cut short by injuries while at the Veterans years ago but he's never walked away from the game. His enthusiasm around the place (and his love of a beer) can make him feel like he's played a game some Sundays but that's why he's such a valuable asset to the club. He and Sid are driving social activities this year so we are in good hands!

Garth Belic - Committee Member, Prop Forward
Garth is our hard hitting tight head prop on the field and is a devoted Griffin. Into his 5th season, Garth helps run the website and assists voluntarily where he can. He may or may not participate in rogue journalism for the Griffins Gazette. 

Ben Cole - Committee Member

Adrian Hussey - Committee Member

Keryn Green - Committee Member

Aden Wotherspoon - Committee Member

Allan Jackson - Committee Member